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Brian and Danielle’s Wedding Film

A few weeks ago I filmed Brian and Danielle’s beautiful wedding. Here is their film:


Brian and Danielle’s Photos

Last week, my good friends were married. We were there to shoot a film for Brian and Danielle but we did get a few photographs.

If you would like to see more of their wedding, please check out the facebook link below:

Brian and Danielle’s Wedding Trailer

Last week I filmed my friends wedding. What a beautiful wedding. Now to get editing on the wedding story.

Drew and Michelle Wedding Pictures

In May, my friends Drew and Michelle had their wedding. I was not the photographer at this wedding but another friend taking pictures of their special day. This wedding was really fun to film because of the Spring theme it had to it and the creativity that was thought of. I really enjoyed this wedding. Here are some of the pictures I took.

There are more pictures from this wedding that can be found on the facebook. Check it out:

Truckload Coonbait Promo 2013

For the past couple years I have been working with Truckload Coonbait. In 2011 we released a promotional video that took off at the conventions and on Youtube. The video was a HUGE success. This year, Trent Masterson came back to me and asked for another video to be made. Here is what we came out with and this is the new 2013 Truckload Promo video.

2013 Great Lakes Edge Calendar

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

I am so happy to announce the 2013 Great Lakes Edge Calendar. I just sent in my final ideas to Heath Press for the Calendar. Below is some of the pictures that will be in this years calendar. If your interested in purchasing a calendar, please send me a message with how many you want. I will provide my address to where you can ship the money. I will be selling the calendar for $13.00. Please provide $2 dollars for shipping and handling. If you are a member of Great Lakes Edge Facebook I will be offering a deal. Check the deal out below and like the page: My email is Cash and Check only please. If you would like to help, share this to your page. Thank You for looking!

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

Luke and Martha’s Wedding

It’s kind of cool when your friends with a buddy and you see them meet a great girl. Years later your sitting at their wedding. That is what happened with my buddy Luke. I was a guest of this wedding buy I brought my camera for a few photos.

The “Pinky” of Michigan

The “Pinky” of Michigan.

Fishing Trip turns more into a Photography Trip

A little fishing trip turns more into a photography trip

Fishing Trip turns more into a Photography Trip.

“It’s Canadia, eh!” [Fishing Adventure]

On my other blog I posted a bunch of fall and fishing pictures on my trip to Canada. If your interested, check it out:


“It’s Canadia, eh!” [Fishing Adventure].