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2013 Great Lakes Edge Calendar

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

I am so happy to announce the 2013 Great Lakes Edge Calendar. I just sent in my final ideas to Heath Press for the Calendar. Below is some of the pictures that will be in this years calendar. If your interested in purchasing a calendar, please send me a message with how many you want. I will provide my address to where you can ship the money. I will be selling the calendar for $13.00. Please provide $2 dollars for shipping and handling. If you are a member of Great Lakes Edge Facebook I will be offering a deal. Check the deal out below and like the page: My email is Cash and Check only please. If you would like to help, share this to your page. Thank You for looking!

©2012 Great Lakes Edge

©2012 Great Lakes Edge


Yates Cider Mill

The fishing is really bad here. The place is actually really crowded. However, I love it. I remember the first time my dad took me fishing here for the elusive salmon. I then learned about steelhead fishing and I was dropped off many days after school chasing these silver fish. I still fish here but it’s usually when I need to get a way from the computer. Last fall I met up with some friends, not to fish, but to enjoy the yummy doughnuts and cider. I also brought along the camera and shot some cool pictures after they left. Here they are: