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Brian and Danielle’s Wedding Trailer

Last week I filmed my friends wedding. What a beautiful wedding. Now to get editing on the wedding story.

Fishing Trip in Maui

Originally I went on this trip to catch fish. It turned out to be a little more work then expected. I told the guys who I was and what I did. It turned out they all wanted videos from the trip so I ended up filming the whole thing. Here is a 9 minute video of the trip.

If you ever want to have a camera along on a special outdoor trip of yours, I would love to help you out with that. Feel free to contact me.

Stewarts Canoeing Trip

A couple days ago my uncle planned a canoe trip down a local river and invited the whole family. I brought along a under water camera to catch the fun in action. Check it out!

Trent Masterson Truckload Coon Bait

Trent Masterson asked me to make a promo video for this Truckload Coon Bait for dog proof traps. This video has been a huge success story so far.

Check out PCSoutdoors to order your Truckload:…

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Dog takes on Dead Buck

I had just gotten home for Iowa and the dog we were watching decided to take on this dead buck. Hopefully you’ll get a laugh out of it.

Penniann and Cameron Darrow – Love Unconditionally – Trailer

My cousin got married last month. Here is the trailer of the video to come.